We always find it a great fun to watch players like Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing on ground. It seems that the soccer ball is just attached to their foot. All these players have become the best only by practicing fundamentals. There are so many drills and exercises that can make your foot skills better.

Dribbling between the cones

Set up seven cones at a distance of one meter from each other in straight line. These cones will act as obstacles, which you must pass through. After putting the cones, dribble through them slowly and repeat the activity again and again. Try this exercise with both left and right foot. You should try to practice near the cone without touching it.

Cut backs in the circle of cones

Set seven cones in a circle, 3 meters wide from each other and enter it to drib freely. Once you get used to the size of the circle, start dribbling up to the cones. The moment you get close to the cone, stop the ball and pull it back. When you will become quick at this activity, make the circle smaller.

Soccer Golf

You need a lot of open space to do this. Take seven cones and spread all of them around the soccer field. You can also mark 1-7 numbers of the cones and try to hit them by using a combination of both long as well as short passes. When you hit one, go to the another one and see how many passes you have taken to complete the soccer golf course.

Speed zones

Here again, you need not of space. Set up cones upright or laying down. The cones which are lying down are “speed up” zones and cones standing are “slow down” zones. Sprint while dribbling the ball when you pass through speed zone and jog while passing through slow zone.