As soccer is one of the most popular team ball game, one might think that all the rules of the game would have been devised from the beginning or some of the rules would have been universally accepted since start. However, the statement is partially true when we talk about terms like foul, goal kick etc, as these terms means same everywhere. But when we talk about length and size of soccer field, some interesting details are worth mentioning.

When the soccer was first introduced, there was no fixed size of the field even in same country. Some played it in a 70 yards field while others on 120 yards. This was not only weird thing but also unfair for players as they had to play at different sized fields. However, the first association of soccer founded in 19th century introduced guidelines for the appropriate field length and after few years FIFA established game rules that still exist.

Still, there are some existing rules that somehow permit variation in sizes of the field. The fixed rules on field size are:

• The field has to be rectangular.

• The length cannot be more than 100 yards and breadth can not be less that 50 yards & more than 100 yards.

There is a little limitation in international games like:

• Length can not be less than 110 yards and more than 120 yards.

• Breadth should be at least 70 yards and a maximum 80 yards.

But whatever the case is, the length should always be more than the breadth. However, when it comes to women soccer or for under 16 soccer games, the size of field gets reduced.

Except the outer lines size, there are certain rules for inner lines of soccer field. According to this rule, the field is separated by a central line that has same distance from width of each end. A circle with diameter of 10 yards is always present at the middle of this line.

The goal posts in the field are placed at the center of each pitch and have a width of 24 feet plus the goal is as high as 8 feet. It is also surrounded by two rectangular boxes, and the bigger box is called the penalty box. The smaller box is called protection area and its 6 yards wide and long.

Players have to run more on larger fields and this can affect their game play as they get tired easily. So, there is a more demand of co-ordination and coverage between the lines in a bigger field, or else the chances of your opponent winning the game will increase.