With advances in technology, paintball markers are faster than ever before. In fact, paintball gun set-ups have evolved to suit the specific preferences and styles of play.

After an initial cocking and air-up, a mechanical marker will shoot semi-automatic. This means the marker will fire one shot for every pull of the trigger, without one having to re-cock the marker.

Mechanical paintball guns are of of two types. The first one is a spring loaded marker that requires cocking per trigger pull, because it does not use a reserve air source. The other is a blow-back marker. Spyder paintball guns really pioneered the blow-back concept. Blow-backs use a valve system that controls the airflow. Once the trigger is pulled, the gun will cycle causing the bolt to propel the paintball. It then blows back past a sear mechanism, ready to be fired again with another trigger pull.

Tippmann brought a revolutionary concept to mechanical style paintball guns with the Response Trigger. The Tippmann Response Trigger System is available pre-installed in some of their markers and an upgrade option for base models. This system uses the exhaust air from the previous shot. It shuttles the air back to a cylinder behind the trigger, resetting the trigger faster. . All done with no electronics or batteries involved!

Electronic guns use a circuit board and solenoid to control firing. The board is programmed to accept different settings and changes in modes of fire. Some of the most popular modes are full-auto, 3 burst shot and 6 burst shot. Tournament level players use other mode that though still considered semi-auto, will increase the power of the shot fired.

Like many others on the market, the Smart Parts markers are electro-pneumatic. The solenoid controls the airflow. The solenoid itself is controlled by the circuit board which is activated by the trigger. The firing is smooth and very fast and the boards are highly programmable. Some electronic paintball guns like the Smart Parts SP-1 can also operate at a lower pressure. This means the amount of force required is lesedned with better accuracy per shot than higher pressure guns.

What is more, paintball guns today can work even in extremely moist conditions. Manufacturers use silicon and other additives to make the boards water-resistant. This you can enjoy paint ball even on rainy days.