There was a time when all the professional footballers would not stick to a particular diet and eat or drink whatever they wanted. Some players preferred steak chips or an English breakfast as their pre-match meals and consumed high amount of alcohol in the evening.

But the things have changed now. With football becoming a multi billion industry, players need to look after themselves and have healthy eating habits. All the athletes have certain nutritional requirements, which should be met and professional footballers are no different from following such strict regime.

Football demands lot of energy because of it being very physically tiring game. When you are playing this game, you need to have lots of carbohydrates in form of fruit and vegetables to get large number of calories. Chicken and fish, which are low in fat are also clean sources of protein. Footballers should consume at least 4,000 calories a day.

One of the aspect of a foot baller's diet, which is mostly overlooked is proper hydration. It is really essential for a football player to drink lot of water because a high quantity of fluid is lost as sweat during training.


The player should avoid fast food as it is high in fat content and has a low nutritional value. You can consume alcohol in moderate level but not before or after a match, as the body gets severely dehydrated.


All the football clubs analyze the details of lifestyle of a player to increase his performance and gain smallest advantage over the opposite team. Diet of a professional footballer also comes under scrutiny sometimes because game managers feel that a particular approach towards diet and nutrition can pay high dividends and make player reach optimum levels of match fitness.

So, those playing as professional footballers or the one wanting to become a big name in the game must stick to healthy diet as it will improve your game performance.