Sprains and strains are the most common form of injury that happens to soccer players at ankles and knees. Such injuries occur when the joint is wrenched too abruptly in some unfamiliar direction and especially when the players falls on the field while running with high velocity.

Treatment of sprain is simple as there is nothing much you can do apart from keeping ice on it to reduce the swelling, avoid putting pressure on the joint and wrap it for providing extra support when you are up and about on it.

Playing with a sprain obviously a stupid decision, but if you are determined to play or the injury is about to heal and you are determined to go out on field. Do purchase some knee and ankle braces that will provide suitable support while playing.

Cuts and Bruises

It is obvious that you will get cut and bruise while playing on field as there will be lots of players kicking each other while wearing spiked shoes. But how could you determine that the bruise is a severe one. So, here are some tips:

• When the swelling is too much and is spreading around the skin rather than staying at one location

• When the cut is deep and requires stitches

• If you are bleeding profusely

If you don't find any such symptoms, then putting an ice on the cut and cleaning it will be enough.

Always ensure that the cut or bruise received on the field is cleaned and treated with antibiotic ointment properly, so that any bacteria or dirt doest not remain at the point. If you don't follow these minor steps then there are chances of bruise opening up again on the field and then, its going to be extraordinarily painful for you. The wound might take long time to heal up, or the infection can spread in the whole body. Therefore, it is better to clean the cut the moment you get it, and apply some ointment on it.