The most tough part of hitting the soccer field is that you are not going to have an opportunity to rest when the game is on. You ought to be active at every second, helping your team members to move the ball as well as keeping it away from opponent team. Even the break you will be getting in between the game is so brief that you won't get to know it actually happened.

If you have a soccer match in couple of weeks, then there is still some time for you to build up endurance so that keeping up with the constant pace of the field becomes easier for you. As the game involves maximum running, so you have to focus on this part. It is calculated that on an average, a soccer player runs five to six miles during the game at an average speed of 4-5 miles/hour. If you want to be the best at ground, you should be capable of running 5-6 miles at a constant speed while keeping up with the stop and go traffic while taking care of the ball.

But it does not mean that you have to run six miles now, because when you are not used to such strict exercise, it will kill you. Therefore, one should start slowly and improve till he is able to run the entire distance. Which distance should we start practice from is important to know. You should consider your current level to find out the initial practice point. However, two miles is considered to be a good starting point.

If you think, you can not run two miles or the mere thought of doing such workout is troubling you, then break it up to smaller goals. Plan to run continuously for twenty minutes and this will approximately add up to two miles. Because you concentrate on clock and not the kilometers, the process is going to help you. When you are doing timed jog, always remember that your speed does not matter till the time you are running. But a baby jog is really not going to help you anyhow.

After you get use to two miles/ twenty minutes running, extend the distance a little further and you will be able to run 6 miles in two or three weeks.