Most of us love to play soccer, but never get the opportunity to make it to the big field. But you can still show off your cool soccer tricks on any field. When you learn some new soccer tricks, it will help you in playing to the next level.

We all have seen many big players live or on Television making their patented moves like Zidane's 360° spin move. This is a really simple move, when done in a right way. When Zidane came out with this move, he was catapulted on the main soccer stage.

What we are trying to tell is that these moves are not learn or invented overnight by players. They spend countless practice hours and are really dedicated towards the game. If you want to learn such moves, focus on learning them correctly and do following things:

First of all categorize the soccer moves you want to learn on the basis of easiest to hardest. Start with the easiest trick and adopt a step-by-step approach. Mastering the basics is a good idea and then you can move on to specialty moves.

It is obvious that when we practice ourselves, things are different from what we do with our team. For example, you will not get any kind of resistance from other player because there is no one else. When you are playing, the first thing to consider is the speed. You won't get much time to think, which move to do and how. Therefore, you have to master every move so that you can easily perform it in the game.

Learn basic soccer moves and than go forward. When you are comfortable with one move, then only go to more advanced tricks. It is better to master the basics first before doing anything because it is the basic move that will lay foundation for an advanced move.