Sachin Tendulkar might have played more matches and taken more time to surpass the record of Brian Lara to become the leading run scorer in Test Cricket. But the way he has batted in the home series against Australia shows that this cricket genius will rule the game for few more years.

The little master has same desire to make runs as he had at the initial phase, when he started playing for Indian cricket team. It is really difficult to remain motivated after making so many major records but he has still maintained it.

When we talk about records, Tendulkar deserves each record that comes his way. He has proved his name all over the world by giving tough fight to every opposite player and now he has become a worthy record holder to earn highest number of runs in both one day internationals and test series.

Although his ODI record is expected to stay for a long time, but we can not say same about two major records he made in Test cricket. The Australian player Ricky Ponting is near his record and it does not seem that the player will be saying good bye to cricket in coming years.

Tendulkar also does not have any immediate plans to retire from the game. But he has been laid low by injuries in the recent past that will make it easier for Ponting to break the record. If the Indian maestro takes care of his fitness, then Ponting might feel it difficult to break his record of run and centuries.

Tendulkar has become first batsman to cross the barrier of 12,00 runs in Test match, which means that we can atleast expect 3,000 more runs if his fitness permits. It will not be easy for Ponting to chase the score of 15,000 as Australians won't let him play just for the sake of making a record.

Tendulkar is also aware that Ponting is capable of overtaking him, if he doesn't set a tougher challenge for this Australian captain, who has now scored heavy runs on Indian grounds where he miserably failed in past years. A threat from Ponting might be another reason why Tendulkar is still not thinking of taking retirement from cricket.

Although, there are no strong reasons that Tendulkar should consider for leaving the game at this stage. He is still in good form and earning more runs for the team. He has however cut down on his attacking instincts in past some games, but his passion for scoring more can still be seen and felt. Indian team has many attacking batsman to let Tendulkar play his technically correct game.