Although kitesurfing came into existence more than two decades ago, it really became a trend after the dawn of the new millennium. From one thousand kite surfers in the world at the turn of the century, the number rapidly increased to 100,000 by the year 2005. Kitesurfing is also called kiteboarding, and even flysurfing.

For the uninitiated, kitesurfing involves using a large, powerful kite for thrust and standing on a surfboard to reach high speeds. At these high speeds, it becomes easy to perform those jaw-dropping stunts!For those confused between kiteboarding and kitesurfing, the former is flat water surfing, while the latter refers to riding the waves.

Many people compare kitesurfing to skateboarding or snowboarding on water. For years people had to be pulled by a boat in order to experience a great speed, which is known as wakeboarding. Now, instead of being pulled behind a boat, you have the power to control every move! This is also much more economical.

To picturize kitesurfing, imagine that you are holding a bar in your hands and there is a large kite attached to it that you are guiding in specific patterns. This is followed by a jump. Remember we are not talking of a small jump, some professional kiteboarders can not only jump up to 60 feet but also stay in the air for hundreds of feet across the water.

To begin with, you will need basic kitesurfing equipment. These are- a kite, a control bar with lines, a board, and a harness. Most kitesurfing kites are sold along with the control bars. If you are a beginner, you should consider a helmet for safety purposes. If you are looking to kitesurf in colder waters, a wet-suit is recommended.

Brand new kitesurfing kites will cost anywhere from $500 to $1700, depending on the size and brand. New boards can cost from $500 to $800. bargains are easily available if you search online.

Since kitesurfing is still a new sport, there are frequent up gradations in technology. So it is advisable not to buy a kite that is older than one or two years because it might not be as safe as the newest kites.

So if you've decided to seriously take up kitesurfing, the next step is to call a local local instructor and sign up for lessons.