A recurve bow is the one that is made to curve away from you when drawn. As a result, you would be able to translate your shots into more powerful ones. It is due to the fact that the arrows are faster due to the sudden tension release that propels arrows with more force than the actual force that is required to draw them.

The users of recurve bows have only got the permission to use them in competitive archery, with bows made of carbon fiber, laminated wood cores, or fiber glass layers. The riser are the ones where the two limbs are attached. They are the ones that are usually made from magnesium or aluminum. If you are not an expert, then it is recommended that you should start out with plastic or wood risers.

Choosing a recurve bow: Here is a quick guide:

One-piece recurve bows – These are a good option to watch out for as they are the ones that are most solidly constructed, have risers and limbs that are crafted from a single piece of material. One-piece recurve bows are usually made from fiberglass with wooden cores or laminated wood, and that is why they are harder to draw since they don't bend back as compared to the other bows.

Take-downs with wooden risers: these are also good as they can be disassembled to separate the limbs and the riser. The fact is that the risers of take-downs are made from wood, and that is why the risers tend to snap in a very easy way and are less durable, if a strong comparison is done with composite or metal risers. Having wooden risers, also if they are geared up with carbon fiber may help in making them more durable.

Take-downs with metal risers : this is also a very good option to opt for as they use the same take-down design. The fact that these bows are detachable, makes them an easy option for drawing and shooting in a comparatively easier manner.

Buying tips and tricks
  • When choosing a recurve bow, you must go for the one that has the ability to  withstand strong tension and pulls.
  • Go for a recurve bow that is rigid and at the same time it should be able to bend easily and return to shape.
  • Carbon fiber risers and limbs are the most durable but the fact is that they are not easily available and are more expensive.
  • Metal ones, however, are ideal for most skill levels. But if you want to go for wooden risers, then it is recommended that you should look for cedar.