One of the important horse care products are Horse shoes. Being a vital procedure, one has to be extremely careful and fully prepared when about to shoe the horse. Here are the step by step instructions for horse shoeing:

  •     Measure the hooves on the basis of widest portion.

  •     To know whether pre-feb nail holes are well adjustable, use white line for marking.

  •     Trim each hoof to achieve perfect orientation on the ground. The blacksmith/farrier has to make sure that the shoes are trimmed in such a way that the horse can almost feel itself to be barefooted.

  •     Measure the hooves with the help of rule or tape. The size of the shoes can be more in length but not less. If the length of the shoes are big then the farrier can trim it down with the assistance of basic tools like pliers, rasp or a die-grinding tool.

  •     To check the proper size of the horse shoes, the farrier has to compare the shoe against the hoof.

  •     Counter sink the nailing in a proper and clean manner.

  •     Check all the nails inserted in the hooves, as any loose nail can damage the protection of the hooves.

Varies studies conducted on the welfare of the horse's health reveal that, there's is a strong connection between the removal of horse shoes and physical discomforts like tender-footedness, inflammation of the organs or lameness. Once shoeing is completed, the horse should be given little time to adjust with the new horse shoes.