World's Most Popular Sports

Following are some of the most popular sports throughout the world.

  •     Football – Whether you call football or soccer – it is definitely emperor of sports. With the largest fan following, the game is closely watched by many. The game is also one of the economical games to play, as you require only a ball and two strong legs. Therefore, the game can be played and enjoyed by both rich and old alike. Nearly 100 countries and 4.1 billion population follows football game passionately. At present, england is known as the financial center of football because it is the biggest investors of the game. Football world cup are some of the most awaited events in this sport.

  •     Cricket – The sport is also popularly known as The gentleman’s Game. Cricket has been invented by British with little traces of Indian origin. To play the game you require bat and a ball. Though, it can be played by both rich and poor but the quality of the game would differ. All though, it is one of the most popular sports in more than 25 countries but the popularity in India is simply unbeatable. Some of the other countries where this sport is quite popular are England ,South Africa, Kenya and New Zealand.

  •     Tennis – Tennis was invented in England and is popularly known as The queen of sports. The game is famous in more than 50 countries like Europe ,Australia, India, and USA. The game is basically enjoyed by the rich and high class section. One of the most watched events in tennis is the Grand Slam. Even though, the sport is played by both Men and Women but it's the later which is most prominent in the sport.

  •     Basketball – One of the most popular games in countries like USA and Philippines. Slowly and steadily, the sport is gaining momentum in other countries as well, thanks to events like NBA. It is estimated that around 230 to 240 million people follow the sport regularly.

Besides the above mentioned names, sports like Golf, Base ball, Table tennis, Rugby Football and Volleyball are gaining popularity around the world.