Soccer is one of the most popular games being played throughout the world. Many people simply loves the sport and follow every game played by their favorite team religiously. During any major league or championships, you'll find many people glued on to their TV sets to cheer or comment about the soccer game being played. It is of the common scenario in any clubs or pubs at that time. Soccer fans at times, get so involved in the match they think, they are also part of the teams. Exulting triumph in a victorious game and crying if their team looses its match are some of the common reaction you'll find among fans.

Earlier, the game was played as a pastime hobby on the streets. Even today, most of the soccer legends came from the streets. All you need to play the sport is a ball and two feet to control it. Though, players can't use their hand but the rest of the body can be. To witness the exact passion that follows the soccer game, can be seen and experienced during any match played within the 100meters football stadium. The sound of fans cheering, crying, shouting and playing drums are there to motivate and encourage to play well.

Just like any other sport, Soccer also had some of the great legends. Players like Pele and Maradona are some of the names, that has made a mark in the game. Both the player are equally talented and skilled and to decide who is the best among them is very difficult. Christiano Ronaldo and Roladinho are some of the famous players in soccer that are playing today. Therefore, to choose who is the greatest among them is not possible.

Some of the most awaited soccer leagues and championships are FIFA, Euro, and UEFA to name a few. These events not only attracts fans, tourists but also encourage business opportunities and promotes prestige.