If you have a bike, then you should know how to use a bike storage rack to maintain it properly. You might find it weird, but bicycles are the easiest thing to steal. Therefore, it is really important for you to secure your bicycle by using storage rack.

First of all, make sure you have a strong bike chain to lock your bike. You should never rely upon kindness of strangers regarding your bike. It means that you should always chain the bike to a storage rack or any secure object when you are not around. Skimping on cost of chain is not the right area. As bikes have become more complex and of better quality, their cost has increased. This is making them bigger targets for theft and you should make sure that they are more secure now.

U locks are also a good option to secure bike to a storage rack. These locks are in U shape and gets easily attached to bicycle while riding. They have perfect shape so that they can be utilized at any public storage rack without consuming more space.

But the weak part of using U lock is that it is not as flexible as chain. Therefore, it the bike rack is not fixed at a place, then you have to secure your bike to a pole, or a tree where U lock will not fit around and the chances of theft becomes high.

Before standing you bike, make sure that the bicycle storage rack is well maintained and is in a well lit area. It sometimes does not matter how good your cycle lock is, if somebody has enough time to break the lock. Therefore, it is always better to stand the bike in highly trafficked area as this will make it harder for the person to steal bike.

Now even when you have a good lock and you park the bike in well lit, highly trafficked area, you should make sure that the bicycle rack is used correctly. Make sure that the rack on which you are locking the wheel of the bicycle can not be easily removed from its place. Because it is really easy to disengage the wheel and take the rest of the bike.