When you are training to cycle a century, it becomes difficult to understand what to do in rest of the days. There are some people who are so addicted to training that they find it guilty to take a day off and rest. In this article, we will discuss why taking a day's rest is important for your training and how can we correctly recover to become a better rider in this period.

How do we get fit?

There is no doubt that regular exercising keeps us fit. But, does everyone know this? Exercising actually stretches and stresses our muscles, that creates small tears in our muscle fibres. Our muscle fibres re-knit together after we stop exercising and take rest. One should know that we get fitter if we take rest as it is a crucial factor to ensure that you do not do hard training. If adequate recovery time is not provided to your muscles, they will not repair and the chances of getting injury like pulled muscle increases. This can prove to be a long term injury, which can cause scarring in the muscle tissue.

Active Recovery

Although, there are conditions where you can recover while still exercising. The first method is by a recovery ride. In this method, you ride at an extremely easy speed for not more than 70 minutes. This will make the blood flow better, help in flushing out waste from the muscles and keep them fit. Another method for active recovery is taking some type of cross training. You can go to a gym, lift some weights jump on the ergo machine and do anything that uses different group of muscles, which is not used in the cycling workout.

So, there are few methods you can use to consume the rest time without affecting your muscles. These workouts will not only keep you busy but will affect your health in a positive manner.