In most games, it is quite normal to watch sportsmen getting injured. Some of the popular sport personalities who got injured while playing are Michael Owen, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Tiger Woods to name a few. But what about sportswomen are they not equally prone to injuries while playing? In a recent survey it was found that, sportswomen are eight times more likely to suffer injury like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) than men. The astonishing fact is considered as an epidemic. The results was highly published in leading newspaper dailies and television. The study also confirmed the fact that more than thousands of sportswomen undergo ACL operations each year. It is also believed that one out of ten women playing college sports will suffer an ACL injury.

Reasons like little information about neuromuscular differences between the sexes is one of the primary reasons why there is so much concern about the game. The Researches are still going onto find out more about this epidemic.

Here are some of the common injuries that sportswomen should be careful about:

  •     Joint injuries – it is one of the most common problems found in women and girls playing sports. After puberty period, women's muscles become more flexible which leads to higher joints risks.

  •     Hips, back and shoulders – women players in the sport of rugby are more prone to shoulder injuries.

  •     Concussion – Research indicates that as most women have smaller heads and weaker necks therefore, injuries like concussion is very common in girls and young women.

  •     Femur fracture – This injury has become quite popular after the famous Paula Radcliffe suffered during the Beijing Olympics. Since then, it is believed that it is one of the most common injuries among female endurance athletes. Studies also reveal that women athletes are more than 8 times greater risk of ACL damage than men. Some of the basic reasons for high percentage of ACL injuries in sportswomen are Adolescence, Quadriceps, Asymmetry, Ligament, Biomechanics and Asymmetry.

Hormonal Reports also reveal that during the menstrual cycle, women players are at a higher risks than men. Though, Scientist still couldn't figure out the reasons behind it.