It is true that the more the merrier. There are some sports like cycling, which have a solitary nature. You will see cyclists riding in a group for safety, companionship, encouragement and enjoyment in the company of peers.

Although, you might think that cycling with other people is very simple, but there are certain rules that must be followed in order to build up a sense of safety and awareness amongst other cyclists and those traveling on road. In this article, we will discuss about some rules meant for group riding.

Group riding tips

When you are riding in a line or in a close group, it is obvious that riders in your front and back will assume that you will keep certain distance from them and cycle in one pace & position. If you are going to get ahead of other rifer, do warn him. In case of group turns, the leader must alert other team members about upcoming turns and give them enough space as well as time to position themselves.

Always try to be verbal and use hand signals like:

• Left arm straight out – left turn

• Left arm at right angle facing down and palm facing out – Slow down or stop

• Right arm straight out – Right turn

• If you want to remove your group from the road, do make sure to move far away but not risk your safety or obstruct the • moving traffic.

• When we cycle in a group, it becomes difficult to see what is ahead. Therefore, it is always better to announce and point out hazards such as debris, bumps and holes on road.

• Some roads are narrower than others. Thus, you should use prudent judgment while alerting fellow cyclers if you are approaching a car from rear. This technique is specially required before turns.

• Every rider should have a practice of acting independently in heavily crowded areas as well as intersections. It is a bad idea of follow your leader in such heavy traffic. You should always consider the warnings of others while looking around you.

• When you are riding on a long line, always leave the gap of four cycles. This will make space for other cars and vehicles to maneuver around the road at times.

• Always leave about a bike length gap between the front and back riders. It will reduce the chances of mass collision.

• Do not use aero bars and clips, as the delay in braking and reducing the steering performance can put the whole groups at risk. Save these clips and bars for solo use.