Have you ever watched Figure skating and felt confused? Well, here's your chance to figure out what Figure skating is all about. Though, it is not simple to explain the technical terms and requirements but after reading this article you'll have a better idea about Figure skating.

    Edges : A good edge usually includes a deep lean of the body. It is also referred as "deep edge." The best way to identify an edge is to try Figure skating yourself. There are mainly three forms of edges in Figure skating such as:

   1. Straight Edge: It is one of the most simple edges. First, stand on one foot and try positioning your body on that skate. As it is not very challenging or technically demanding edge therefore, most of the skating programs will have not have straight edges. To position in a straight edge, skaters are asked to imagine themselves as standing inside a vertical circular tunnel. It will help them in describing jumps and edges.

   2. Outside Edge: For this edge, skaters need to stand on one foot and asked to lean outside the imaginary circle. In simple words, if the skater is standing on his right foot, then he/she has to lean towards the right; and vice versa.

   3. Inside Edge: It is the opposite of Inside Edge. In this the skaters would stand on one foot and lean towards inside your circle.

All these edges can be performed by Figure skaters while moving forward or backward. If a skater is wearing regular shoes or socks, then it would be difficult for him/her to get a deep lean body. Although, on skates and ice, this is possible.

    Crossovers: if you want to increase your speed as a figure skater, then this is the most easiest and simple way to so. They are easily identifiable. Usually, while skating, most skaters use backwards crossovers to increase their speed. In this method, skaters will skate backward and with his legs crossing over one another to make strokes on the ice. Only those skaters can improve their speed who have a good posture.

      If you're Figure skating in pairs then you have an added challenge to crossovers. As you need to match both your length and size of the crossovers. If there is any mismatch between the two, the skater who's taller must stride to match his shorter partner.

Go through the article to get a better picture about the fabulous sport of Figure skating.