Do you know what exactly spinning is? It is an aerobic exercise, which is specially done on a stationary bicycle named spin bike. When you pedal the cycle, an instructor will tell you about different cycling workouts. A good coach is one who will tell you about different outdoor scenarios like hill climbing. In the entire cycling and training session, your pace and tension will vary on the bike wheel. The more tension you will have, it will be harder for you to peddle.

Why do so many people love spinning? It is because spinning is a great aerobic workout that not only increases your heart rate but also burn lots of calories i.e 425 in 40 minutes. It also tones your leg muscles and people do find spinning easier other other aerobic exercises as you can set your own pace as well as tension on the bike. Another benefit of spinning is that you don' t have to move to other places and it doesn't require any kind of co-ordination.

Some of the things you require at the time of spinning are:

• A good pair of hard soled shoes is the only other equipment you need at the time of spinning.

• Small towels for wiping the sweat away and draping over handlebars to avoid hands from sliding.

• Water bottle

You can also keep a heart monitor besides you while exercising. It will provide you information about heart rate so that you can get trained to exercise at correct intensity.

When you decide to join spinning classes, it is better to arrive at classes 5 minutes before to ask any doubts or questions related to your instructor. This will help you in adjusting bike properly. If you have any problem during the class, do tell you instructor about it. If the workout is too intense, then it is suggested to pedal slowly as this will turn down your tension.