Archery is an amazing sport. So no matter if you have taken up this as one of your hobbies or as a sport. It can prove to be very rewarding with the right equipment on hand. For the avid archer, the compound bow can the best choice to start with as it can prove to be a very good choice to add to the collection of bows. If you need one, then you need to have the basic knowledge to know more about them, and that is why you need a guide that can assist you in selecting the most suitable one :

Why go for compound bow?
The first point to know about the compound bow is that it uses cables and cams (or pulleys) in order to pull the string back. This becomes an added advantage as it reduces the force exerted to draw the bow fully. The further plus point is that it also offers you with a lower draw weight so that you can aim the object in the best way possible and hold the bow in place. In some cases, you can also set up a compound bow with varying draw weights so that you can match the strength with it.

Compound bows have highly accurate sight pins that you can adjust according to the different distances of your target. In fact, the design is even considered easier to use and more advanced compared to traditional recurve bows and long bows. This compound buying guide gives you 4 kinds of compound bows including the single cams, binary, twin, and hybrid cams.

The right compound: easy to use, more accurate, and easy to maintain
If you are a beginner or have a little knowledge about the sport, then it is recommended that you should buy the one-cam bow for ease of use, convenience, and something fast because the fact is that double cams require that you should be an expert and should have good timing and a higher skill level.

As far as your arm length is concerned, the fact is that the compound bow very well fits in the right situation. Therefore, you must select a perfect bow and browse the one by finding out what your draw length is by measuring the distance starting from your fist's edge to the side of your mouth, and make sure you do that when you are in a shooting position.