Today, Boxing is one of the most expensive sports that has caught the attention of many young men worldwide. Mired stories, controversies, and contradictions are also some of the added factors because of its huge popularity. The hype that it is one of the brutal games creates to be played also makes it known around the world.


It is believed that boxing has been prevalent since the ancient human history. Though, it is difficult to tell exactly, whether boxing back then was a regular sport or not. Some of the evidence found during the archaeological findings reveals that the sport might have been present during the early 1500 BC and 3000 BC.

Modern Boxing:

The modern form of boxing is quite different than ancient boxing. In earlier time, there were not much emphasis on the rules and regulation, which very different in the present scenarios. The various improvement in entertainment, sports and rules have greatly reduced the chances of grave injury to a boxer. Now, every boxer has to wear protective head gear and gloves before any boxing match. Today, there are two main forms of boxing such as amateur boxing and professional boxing. The boxing matches organized in school or college sports events are known as Amateur boxing. Whereas, Professional boxing involves less safety restrictions and considered more serious than amateur boxing.


Boxing has given the world some of the best and great men, who have fought their way with guts and glory. Some of the popular names in this area are Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Sugar Ray Robinson. Today, boxing sport involves huge money and adulation.