Running, cycling and swimming are the three most efficient aerobic exercises. When it comes to remain fit and lose weight, nothing can beat cycling and weightlifting. Whereas, cycling is an aerobic exercise, weightlifting is used to build muscle. We all know that bigger muscles burn more energy, even when the person is resting. Therefore, combination of cycling and weightlifting will make your body return to its natural form.

Cycling : One of the most enjoyable forms of exercise

Along with being one of the best aerobic exercises, cycling is also the most pleasurable forms of exercise. When you start cycling, you won't actually think that you are doing some exercise. You can visit a friend, go to a shop or take a pleasure ride without even getting tired.

Get fit within a week

Those who prefer to be more organized and do things in an orderly manner, can start losing weight by cycling.

You should first of all get use to your bike. Go on leisurely rides to check if the saddle, handlebars and other parts of the bike are fit. After this, ride some more to get use to narrow seat. Take all this easily and enjoy yourself.

Always remember, as you are riding after a long period of inactivity, your bums are definitely going to sore and your legs will become stiff. But its a good sign, as it tells that something good is occurring within the body and it is going to get back to normal fitness state. Don't worry about the pain as most of it will be gone by next day. If you follow this routine for some time, then you will become reasonably fit in a week's time and your legs won't stiff anymore.

The more unfit you are, more quickly you will become fit

If you want to lose all that fat and become fit quickly, then switch over to interval training with the bicycle. Interval training is not that difficult to understand, though it is hard on body but very effective.

You can ride at top speed for a while and then come at normal pace in the interval training. Maintain the normal pace and then try top speed again. Repeat this pattern until you are done.

Ride harder to get fitter

It is a known thing that harder and faster you go, more energy will be expend. But it does not mean hat you can slow down cycling, but with this you must ride longer distances.