Mountain biking means that the surface on which you will ride is rough and uneven. This type of biking is done off the road. Bikers use specially designed bikes for this purpose. The trails for mountain biking depends on the type of biking one plans to do. There are four different types of mountain biking these days and the trails depends on the safety requirements as well as skill levels of each type. The four types are : Cross country, free ride, downhill and street riding. You can do the biking anywhere if you have the required stamina, skills and dexterity.

Most mountain bikers prefer to ride those trails, which are off the road and difficult to access. These location include forests, country roads and fields. The tracks are single and narrow just like one finds in forests and mountains.

Mountain biking trails include wide variety of hills, mountains, narrow passages, forests and deserts. Some steep inclines and descent coupled with rough terrain are also a part of most of the trails.

Modern days bikers have lots of resources, which enable them to plan out a trail. There are number of websites that regularly update their databases about mountain bike trails in a country-wise pattern. So, you can find relevant statistics about every trail, suggestions and advice about getting most out of the trail before going on the trip.

There are gadgets like Sat Nav, which help bikers in ensuring that they stay on the right track. These days, you will find moderns amenities in most of the trails that makes a strong case for self-dependence. Bikers must have general knowledge about bike, its repair and other things to handle an emergency situation. You can go alone or with a group on a trail.