Motor rallies is one of the integral part of any motor sports. These rallies are visited by million of fans through the world. Private or individual clubs who organizes any motor rallies will place their emphasis on working as a team and on navigation. These clubs would also be held responsible even on public roads.

The two most essential elements in these motor rallies are teamwork and navigation. So, every newcomer who would like to participate at the higher level events must master these elements. The two primary categories in motor rallies are stage and road rallies. Among the two, the stage rallies is considered to be more professional. It has been around since the 1960's. Speed and closed stretches of road are the two main features in stage rallies. Some of the common challenges in these events are sand, snow or ice. These hazards make the challenges even more interesting for both the rally car and the car's crew.

Basically, the rallies that are held on normal highways are known as road rallies. The primary emphasis given in these rallies are vehicular reliability, navigation and time keeping. Road rallies are considered more amateur events therefore, even novices can participate in them. Australia is one of the best places where you'll find interesting road rallies. If a driver wants to test his driving and navigation skills then this a best option to try.

Apart from the above mentioned rallies, the Time-Speed-Distance rally (TSD), is also quite popular in motor events. The rally help drivers determine their ability to stay on time and on track.

Over the period, many businesses that focuses on Rally Car rentals and adventures have increased tremendously. If you're looking for some thrill and adventure of racing, there are numerous ways to enjoy all that rally cars have to offer.