So, you love bicycling and want to make it your daily routine. Here are some tips that you should consider while riding in city traffic.

• Bicycling is a healthy exercise and needs a warm up before you start it. Buy a good helmet that fits you properly, so that if you fall while riding or do not see any obstacle, helmet will prevent you. Always make sure that you wear bright color outfits so that other vehicle drivers can see you even on foggy or rainy days. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun as well as from a fly, which might hit the eye.

• Buy a strong chain with a lock to ensure the safety of your bike.

• The traffic rules at a cross section are somehow confusing. If there is a right turn lane, the cyclists who want to go straight have to swing to the left and then come to the right side of the forward lane. This is done, so that the cars can turn right and cyclist will wait for the lights to change. If the cyclist is using the walkaway, he should push the button to flash the pedestrian light.

• If you want to avoid a ticket at cross section, maintain you position on the street or the walkaway because you will get a ticket for changing the street position to walkaway position.

• Be courteous while using riding. If you are using the walkaway, let the pedestrians walk freely by either stopping or going far to the right to slow down. When you are riding on street, you should always know that a car driver can not determine the condition of your side of street. Therefore, look forward, if a hole or unevenness is coming you way, then swing slightly to the left only when no car is passing you.

• There are chances that a reckless driver can come closer to your bike than the required three feet. Most of these drivers are speeder. Be careful if such car drives towards you. Also avoid the cars with mud all over as one can not find what kind of chase is after them.

• Riding a bicycle with loaded back carriage and front basket can be dangerous. It is best if you push that bicycle. Lean about safe roads through internet and commute on them safely as a cyclist.