Tennis forehand is definitely the most vital shot in the sport. Basically, it is one of the most offensive ground stroke by any tennis player. If you look at some of the best players and masters of the sport having big forehands.

The forehand is not a very easy strike and requires lot of skills and practice. Here are some of the basic fundamentals that every tennis player who want to learn tennis forehand should follow:

  •     Pivot and Shoulder Turn

      To begin forehand you should know pivot and shoulder turn motion. First, pivot with your outside foot and shift your body weight on that foot. At the same time, turn your shoulders sideways The moment you learn this step you would realize you are getting a forehand. It will help you move effectively towards the tennis ball. While doing this step make sure not to use your arm to take the racket back as it will automatically come back as you turn your shoulders sideways. This motion gets your body sideways and allows you to move effectively to the.

  •     Extend Non-Hitting Arm

      The next step, is to use your arm to get the racket all the way back. While performing this step, extend your non hitting arm parallel with the baseline. This step would help you remain balanced and easily judge the oncoming ball. Once you have achieved this step, you're ready to forward to your contact point.

  •     Swing to Contact

      After you have followed the above two steps. Do the below mentioned three steps simultaneously:

   1. Push off your back foot

   2. Rotate your body back toward the net

   3. Drop the racket down and swing forward to your contact point. The direction of the racket would be similar to the alphabet letter "C" when seen from the side.

  •     Follow Through

      Once you have made a contact with the tennis ball, slowly decelerate the tennis racket. The follow through would depend on your earlier swing to stop the racket.

These four steps would help you learn tennis forehand better. Once you have mastered these steps you’ll have the basic foundation upon which you can build a killer shot for your future games.