If you are a hockey player and want to increase your recovery speed then start drinking any of the following drinks. Yes, you heard it right these drinks would not only help you feel best the next time you hit the ice but also speed up recovery.

You must aware of the fact that, playing hockey involves lot of high energy and efforts. So, your body consumes the carbohydrate(or glycogen) stored in your muscles for energy. The moment glycogen levels decrease, the ability to perform best also reduces. Therefore, the faster your body recovers carbohydrate levels after exercise, the better you will be able to perform in your next game. Fruit drinks or drinks with ample of carbohydrates and protein can help speeds up recovery by repairing your damaged muscles and increasing glycogen levels in the body.

While playing hockey your body also sweat a lot, so drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration situations. Try eating food that includes high carbohydrate levels, medium proteins and low in fat. Within, the first 30 minutes take in some high-energy fuel, as it is very important to speed up recovery time.

Many studies reveal that players that drink chocolate drinks after a game performs better and has a faster recovery process. It is one of the best drinks that most players love to drink. As most 500ml chocolate drinks includes:

  •     calories - 332
  •     fat - 5 grams
  •     protein - 16 grams
  •     carbohydrates - 55 grams

In general, a chocolate drink there is a 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. The ideal ratio would help players recover best after a tough game. Not only, chocolate drinks taste great but also complete nutrition, which players require to refuel their energy and get ready to hit the game again soon.