A perfect tennis coach should have the following features:

  1. Patience: My personal experience says that one of the most important elements that a good tennis coach would need is a lot patience. The fact is that it becomes very important to have patience as a lot of beginners can not hit the tennis ball with an ease in the starting as not everyone is blessed with sound ball sense. Some are just not able to co-ordinate themselves that well.
  2. Technical Skills: No doubt that if you want to be a good coach, then you should have a very good background of technical skills.. therefore you should have a certain level of tennis skills. This can be picked up through the coach's years of playing as a junior player.
  3. Coaching Experience: if you are a fresher, then how will you be able to give tips to others. Therefore it becomes immensely important that the person should have experience as nothing beats experience. It cannot be bought or taught in school. Therefore, a good coach would usually be in the business of coaching, and should have an experience of more than a decade.
  4. Communication Skills: a good coach must have a good communication power as it becomes very important as a coach with good communication skills is able to impart his technical know-how in his daily work in an efficient manner. This will allow the students to improve much faster.
  5. Keen eye: A good tennis coach must also have a keen eye so that he can know about the basic and extended problems in his students strokes in a perfect manner and therefore, able to correct them and make changes to his strategy according to the suggestions as well. A keen eye, in my opinion, is like a sixth sense. Good coaches are sometimes able to see those things that other coaches may not see.
  6. Positive attitude: my opinion is that a perfect coach also has to consistently be positive and should stick to his basics in the best way possible. He should be clear about everything in advance! He should ensure that each and every student is learning his teachings and is improving with time to time as a result of that.