Bike riding is a quick, convenient and environment friendly mode of commuting. But it can also an effective workout. When you are riding in bad weather with cold wind beating your chest and hands, it is simply a shock to the system. So, here are some tips that will make your riding experience enjoyable and safe in cold weather:

Wear layers of cloths like a tank top, a full sleeves shirt, big sweater or jacket. Carry a backpack, so that as you get warm up, you can remove the clothes and stuff them in it.

• Wear gloves if you don't want wind-burned raw hands.

• Windy days will make your nose run. Carry a pack of tissues to avoid the uneasiness caused by the cold.

• Buy a turtleneck style scarf, which goes under clothes because hanging down scarf can be a disaster for riders.

• When the wind is blowing hard, there are chances that it will blow you over to traffic. If you are feeling unsafe or distracted by such wind, then slowly shift to pedestrian and ride slowly.

• Wearing a hoddie or a toque will keep you warm. But don't forget to adjust the helmet a bit if your hat is thick.

• It is better is you make yourself small by lowering your head and crouching down a bit. This will definitely help you in fighting through the wind.

• If you are riding with another cyclist, it is suggested that one of you take lead in the turns. The rider ahead will have to take the brunt of the wind.

• Always carry a reflector, light and a bell while riding to make yourself visible. In winters, it gets colder and darker early, you have to make sure that cars and other vehicles can see you. Riders can also wear bright color clothes to be more visible in rainy and foggy weather.