Are you an Adventurous person? Then, you will simply love shark diving. Since 1990, the popularity of shark divining has increased tremendously. Remember shark diving is not an activity for weak hearted but for those who live their life on the edge.

The primary reasons behind this unlikely revolution in scuba diving are increased safety precautions and understanding of shark's behavior. Before this revolution, all species of sharks were considered dangerous. With time and knowledge, people have understood that not all sharks are dangerous unless you don't encroach their territory. One of the popular sharks today in many Shark Rodeos is the beautiful Black Tip reef shark. Following are some the basic tips that you should consider while shark diving.

   1. Proper Safety – Various Shark diving Rodeos have established various safety rules and regulations that every shark diver and operator must follow. As a diver, you should be careful about accessibility limit as it is the area where sharks are regularly baited with small quantity of fish. Remember that they are just fed enough to keep their interest. Such activities has led to an increase in the number of sharks over the years to the presence of divers. Shark diving provides one of the golden opportunities to get up close and personal with a shark, safely.

   2. Relax and enjoy the view – The most exciting way to view big sharks is via caged encounters. Improvements in the cage designs and bigger vessels have lead to an ongoing revolution in shark diving encounters. Today, you don't have to be a scuba certified to run these operations. With the introduction of larger vessels divers can go more deep into the shark sites. All these improvements and inventions has also started the era of long range shark expeditions.

   3. Economical Factor – Shark diving is not only an adventurous activity but also offer divers with a wealth of knowledge about the sharks. Most of the shark research institutes have started collaborating with such operations worldwide. The primary motive of this venture is dispel the many negative myths surrounding sharks. These expeditions would change the way divers see big sharks.

Studies reveal that with time sharks are slowly but gradually becoming an extinct species hence, shark diving encounters may be providing a last look at some of these magnificent predators.a