No skateboarding is complete without any skateboard tricks. In the late 1970, Tony Alva was one of the first persons to introduce skateboard tricks through his front side airs. Since then many forms basic and complicated skateboarding tricks have been introduced including the Ollie and all of its variations. To define a skateboard trick in general words, is to move in a special manner other than simply rolling on a board. You'll most skateboarders spending most of their time and efforts in learning new tricks for skateboarding.
Freestyle or flat ground skateboarding were some of the basic skateboard stances founded in the early years. For freestyle skateboard tricks, the boarder is required to balance on the skateboard with less than all four wheels, that is either on its edge or tail of the skateboard. Aerial skateboard tricks requires boarders to float in the air and use a hand to hold the board under their feet. These are some of the common tricks that Tony Alva made famous.
Flip tricks is considered as a derivative of aerials based skateboard trick on the Ollie. Kick flip was one of the initial aerial tricks introduced. It involves spinning the board many times in one trick. This trick became quite popular amongst street skateboarders.
Lip tricks is another famous skateboard trick that is carried out on the coping of a pool or skateboard ramp. Apart from these tricks there are few others, which include real moves and can be attained on a transitioned riding surface. At times, new combinations and styles are formed by combining any of the basic tricks. Even, the names of some of the common tricks are named after the person who invented them. For instance, Elguerial after Eddie Elguera, Andrecht after Dave Andrecht and Ollie after Alan Ollie. So, if you love skateboarding then try learning some of the basic skateboard tricks as well.