Cycling protein shakes are best thing to take as a recovery drink after you are through with hard training like weightlifting, indoor- outdoor cycling, running and other stretching exercises.

We know that protein is the building block of a body. It maintains cells and tissue as well as work as our backup energy to cope up with the undernourishment problems. Drinking cycling shakes will help a rider in getting right amount of protein required for his workout level and needs.

Some cycling protein tips:

• A normal person should take 1 gm protein per kilo of his body weight to maintain the muscle mass and weight.

• An athlete should take 1.5g of protein per kilo of weight. But, if you have 70 kg weight but do not exercise on a pro level, then you should only consume 70 gm protein. For those, who do cycling regularly should consume 105gm protein per kilo.

• If you are doing cycling with 3 training stints in a week, then the total protein intake should be 1.25 gm per kilo.

• You should always combine the protein shake with simple carbohydrates like raisins, jams, chocolates etc. This will make the process of protein absorption in your body faster.

There are many people who often ignore proper intake of protein in their diet. Cycling protein shakes are especially meant for those athletes who find it difficult to obtain required amount of protein daily.

If you are underweight or of a thin build, then consuming proteins regularly will increase your body mass. But you can also use proteins to regulate body mass downwards by combining it with other initiatives.

Your body cells get strained by the training and exercise you do. Providing protein to your body along with milk, water or soya milk will quicken the absorption process and provide an immediate rebuilding aid to the cells.