If you have a big hockey game at 7 o'clock in the morning, and you haven't eaten anything yet. Then chances are that you would select any of the below 2 options:

   1. Eat nothing

   2. Drive-thru

If you're planning to play hockey without having any food then it's just plain stupidity. Neither will you have the energy to play nor the thinking ability to plan your strategy. Now, the question arises, Are there any healthy choices that you can prepare for breakfast, that will give you the energy for playing hockey? Well the answer is a simple Yes.

Even though fast food at most drive-thrus are harmful for health, but is much better than eating nothing at all. Remember some fast-food options are much better than others - and you might get surprised by the food being served at some of the worst ones.

Here are basic three options that are available at many morning drive-thru destinations:

    * sprinkled donut

    * blueberry muffin

    * whole wheat bagel with peanut butter.

But, which is the worst option among these?

Though, most people opt for donuts, the muffins are considered to be the worst available option. Although the donut lacks nutritional value but it includes less calories, fat and sugar as compared to muffin.

But, the best choice among all the three is the whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. As it contains complex carbohydrates that will help you in increasing your energy levels throughout the game. The fat and protein in peanut butter would assist you in feeling full and speedup recovery periods. So, we can confidently say that bagel with peanut butter is a winner among all the three.

However, don't make this a habit. Opt this option only in case of emergency or you forgot to have your morning breakfast. Selecting the best option among the three will not only ensure energy to play the game but also increase recovery period.