Training horses is not an easy task. It requires years of experience and there are few principles, which must be kept in mind while providing such trainings. Here are few tips, which a trainer should follow to keep training to the future trainer:

Attitude is Important

Training a learner to be the trainer is a test of your discipline and spirit. You will fail, if you will lack in having the right attitude. Every trainer of trainers will discuss about the problem horse, but doing this will make you do what other are doing in a wrong way. Pay attention to yourself first. Define a problem first and suggest a solution before even you get near the horse. Focus on one problem at a time before moving to another.  

Lectures, Clinics and DVDs

We generally use the clinics and pro shows to solve the training problem. But until the training is transferred to real environment, it’s of no use. Best technique of training is coaching. The clinic style lectures when carried out with discussion format have excellent results.

Manage Your Time

The training could be made better if you include effective time management skills into it. The first thing you should do is to decide the entire tasks for the day and arrange them in the priority order. Set a deadline for things to be accomplished and be sure that you stick to it. The moment you see that something is not at all productive, leave it and move on.

Tell your trainees that there are two beginners in the entire training session. The first beginner will be the trainer, who would likely get a wild horse to train. And of course, the horse will be the second trainer, who has to get adjusted with the first trainer. Both of them have many things to learn. If you will give careful attention to all the things we have discussed in the article, the chances are more that your entire training process will be an enjoyable and learning experience.