Blind cricket is one of its own kinds of game that is played with a size three ball football. The football has ball bearings so that it is easily caught by blind players. Teams in the game are composed of players with five different sight categories that are B1, low partial, B2, B3 and B4. B1 category is totally blind and the other sight categories move upwards in the level of sight.

Different rules and compensations are laid for different sight categories in order to make the playing field as leveled as possible. For example, if the B1 players receive a two bounce bowling and he is allowed to catch the opposite batsman out at one bounce. But the B1 players will have to bowl around a third of their side of over as well as the whole team will have at least three B1 players.

If you want to have a look at the rules of Blind Cricket, there are different websites showcasing the rules and regulations followed at national and international blind cricket games.

What is more interesting is that the game boasts a highly lively circuit along with vibrant clubs, who offer cricket as per the different interested parties. There are two different structures of blind cricket, one for those who want to play competitively and other is for the ones who take the game as a recreational activity.

But both the games can only be played within a structured league programme.

There is a friendly and sociable atmosphere when the game is played and each club offers something unique to blind cricket. Most of the people are attracted to play to game because of social atmosphere and the opportunity they get to share experiences with other visually impaired people. Viewing the popularity of the game, there are many clubs establishing especially for this game.