Why is it so that baseball is full of curses? Your favorite team does not win a world series just because of the so called curses, which hit the team. At times, people just wonder if the hexes are true. It seems there are many baseball fanatics as well as players in the team, who are quite superstitious about their losses.

It is quite funny to see how the effects of all these curses happened together, within the time period when the team was not winning. It is not because the team is unable to win a game, but its really upsetting to see how an amazing team with some of the best players is deprived of entering the World Series or even winning one championship. It takes years to life the curse, and for some it never does.

Take the case of the red Sox, who took several years in getting their championship titles. They did not get any title until 2004. The curse was totally exorcized when the team bagged its second win last year. Now everybody including the team, board and fans can breathe because the game now played is not hold back by some kind of super natural phenomenon.

What about the case of Chicago cubs, which never won a world series? This team is also said to have undergone a curse. The reason is William Sianis and his billy goat, which caused their frustration season per season. The team is amongst the strongest contenders in MLB, but despite of having a superb line up, the team always looses the championship matches. What is worse is the fact that most of the key players of the team are facing lot of injuries.

Although the team has been investing a lot on good players as well as best management team, but what are the areas where the team could be blame for its losses? When it comes to skills, team has adequate knowledge. After the Sianis said that Cubs will not win anymore, the cubs never won a World Series and it will continue till the goat is allowed in Wrigley Field. The team lost all the matches that year and became the worst tea of the year. They made a comeback, and were able to make it to the World Series this year. It was back in 1907-08 that cubs had their last win in World Series. The curse did not happen until 1945, and cubs never blamed their losses to anything other than loosing. But now people are talking how the curse has affected the chances of win, especially when there are many obstacles in the game. For example, a fan prevented one cubby from taking the catch, or consecutive injuries of players.

Some are saying that it is just psychological. Because of the fear that a curse exists, players are getting negative effects, which is making them to hold back.