You must have come across many student cheerleaders wearing colorful sweaters and skirts, and smiling constantly while representing their schools in various event and functions. They are considered to bring confidence and encouragement to the students participating in these events. Most cheerleaders take their ports very seriously. They not only bring prestige and honor but at times mockery and contempt also.

Cheerleaders not just prance around in their vibrant mini skirts shouting "Yeah rah rah!" but they also have to undergo strenuous practices. Hence, cheerleading involves rehearsing long hours for various forms of cheers and dances, but also include practicing laborious and grueling stunts. Alike other sport activities conditioning is an important element in cheerleading. If a cheerleader isn't strong enough then he/she won't be able to perform various acts and stunts involved in cheerleading.

Another important factor in cheerleading is team work. Every cheerleading team must work in proper coordination and synchronization or else it won't appeal to the audience.

The many stunts involved in cheerleading are:

• base – it include lifting and catching

• climb - go up in stunts and fly through the air

• spot - help catch and provide extra support

Therefore, it becomes very essential for every cheerleader to be in good shape, to perform these stunts or they can easily drop the climber onto the floor, which is one of the main concern in cheerleading.

Before you go complaining about cheerleader's attitude, just take out some time and watch their performance at any events, and you’ll notice how dedicated and difficult it is. However, cheerleaders are considered as entertainers, but keep in mind that it is indeed a sport and not just an "activity." Therefore, they should be given proper respect and honor just like other athletes. As the saying goes cheerleaders are "the perfect cheer!"