Have you ever visited Malaysia? Then you would have definitely noticed the beautiful and serene waters filled with various kinds of colorful fishes that surround the region. The best way to experience the aquatic habitat in these waters is to go snorkeling. So, if you want to scuba dive without any fuss or difficulty then snorkeling is most definitely the best option to choose. Following are some of the favorite snorkeling spots.

The Perhentian Islands

Ideally located on the northern end of Coral Bay or Long Beach. It is one of the best spots for snorkeling. The place offers the opportunity to view various types of coral and fish, as well as calm turtles in their natural habitat. The other places on the island where you can go for snorkeling are Besar and Teluk Dalam. Another attraction of the island are the sharks who frequently visit the formation of underwater rocks and coral at the Perhentian island.

Lankayan Island

With breathtaking reef the island boasts of many diving spots and opportunities for snorkeling. The vast lagoon bordered around the beach also offer fantastic options for snorkeling. You can also hire a boat around the external reef to experience additional snorkeling. Filled with many kinds of small and unique creatures the island is believed to be a paradise especially for macro photography.


Numerous types of turtles and drifting along with the currents can be experienced on this island. The very famous documentary, Ghost of the Sea Turtles, by Jacques Cousteau was also filmed here. You will also come across many friendly reef fish, barracuda, and humphead parrot on the site. If you're lucky enough you might also see Hammerheads towards the South Point.

So if you're planning to visit Malaysia for your holidays then make sure you try snorkeling at these sites.