Before playing the game of darts, there are some basics that you should be aware of. These rules are pretty obvious and common in major darts organizations. There is no doubt that you can have 12 inches darts, because it is the maximum size of the dart approved as per rules. The soft tip darts have weight ranging from 14 to 20 grams, whereas the still tip darts weighs 18 to 26 grams. You can also find heavier darts of sale.

The Bounce Out Rule

All the bounce outs do not actually add to your score and you can not have another throw. It is also a rule, if the dart falls out before the score is taken than it does not count. Therefore, it is suggested that you throw the darts hardener to avoid suffering from the rule. The throw line is 7 ft 9/14 inches from the dartboard, but you can lean over by keeping your feet behind the line to throw the dart farther.

The height of dartboard is 1.73 metres or 5 foot 8 inches to the center of the bull. After the dart hits the board, the score is not determined by the color of the segment. It is rather calculated by the wire. It is important that your dart must enter the land inside the segment, which is determined by the wire that surrounds the number. Even if you hit the green of the triple but the point of the dart is outside the triple wire, then you will get only single for the throw. The dart should be thrown point first at once at the board and in case of ‘01 games, the score is taken away from the precious score till the total score is zero. It means you have to throw a double for your final dart.

There are other ’01 type games, where you start on the double. There is a televised tournament with a double start rule and a double to finish rule. The World Grand Pix also use this rule.

Do not forget the Bust rule, where if you get one more or one less that you needed, go out. The score in this case is voided and your total score becomes the same as when you started the throw and you are considered to be bust if your score is less than 1 because there would be no double for you now.