Known as the tropical Indian Ocean Paradise the city of Mauritius forms a small dot in the middle of Indian Ocean. With developed infrastructure and booming tourism industry to its credit. The place attracts tourists from across the globe. Mauritius is also popular for its array of luxury hotels, apartments and bungalows. Apart from the luxurious lifestyle and beautiful white beaches the city offer fantastic opportunities for scuba diving as well.

What makes the place perfect for diving and other water sports is the excellent sea conditions and beautiful coral reefs.

The place also provide excellent options to learn diving in these reefs. Therefore, you don't have to worry if you don't know how to swim. With certified divers and other training places spread around the city can be sure to have safe enjoyable dives. To experience the best tropical fish life and coral reefs visit the areas located on the north east coast. The coasts is surrounded by wonderful lagoons, even the sea is protected from the trade winds, which makes it the perfect destination to enjoy scuba diving.

The regions outside the barrier reefs is especially suitable for boat dives. The primary reason behind this, is that the reefs run almost completely around the Island and comprises of breaks or passes hence only a boat can pass through it to get into the open sea. Remember not to go for diving in the lagoons located inside the barrier reefs as they are shallow. The region outside the barrier reef can be easily located and accessible by boat. To get most of out of your diving experience in Mauritius it is advisable to dive along with any one of the accredited divers, who can take you to all the best sites and also ensure your safety while diving.

So the next time you visit Mauritius make sure to keep these point in mind when you go for scuba diving.