Know as the Whale Shark capital of the world the city of Donsol in the Philippines, is a small rural community who have transformed from wild hunters to friendly tourist guides. As the money generated from these tourist expedition is the primary source of income for the whole town. Therefore, they make sure that all the tourists visiting the region experience, a wonderful and memorable stay. Hence, even the local Tourism Board/local government located in the community actively promotes whale shark attraction along with the support offered by the World Wildlife Fund.

The period from January to May is considered to be the mating season for whale sharks. So, you'll come across many whale sharks in the region. Hence, to view these whale sharks in their natural habitat snorkeling is the best option. During this time various snorkeling trips are also organized which lasts for about 3 hours per trip.

To get most of out of your diving experience it is advisable to dive along with any one guide, who can take you to all the best sites where whale sharks can be easily spotted. Watch whale shark eating plankton or swimming around in a playful mood, the perfect opportunity to take some very close up photographs.

The snorkeling trips organized in Donsol, Philippine would bring you more closer to the life of Bundanting the local name for whale sharks. After all these wonderful session you would definitely be left breathless and exhausted, so try strolling around this beautiful small community.

The region also offers exciting opportunities for nature lover and adventure seekers. Right from exotic birds to underwater snorkeling you can try them all on this little island in Philippines. All these activities would surely make your holidays one of the mot treasured moments of your life.