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Five Big Mistakes Made by Fast Guys
Ramo Ghosh
By Ramo Ghosh
Published on December 17, 2008
Here are some of the big mistakes that most guys constantly make while working out.

Here are some of the big mistakes that most guys constantly make while working out.

1:Training Like A Pro Bodybuilder

Always remember that there is a major difference between building a better body shape and body building. Most bodybuilders have a unique and different style of training that suits their body type and help them in improving their muscle building potential. Some of the big mistakes that most guys around the world suffer are:

• No result achieved and complete wastage of time.

• They start back pedaling and get smaller and fatter – the reason behind this that professional body builders have the ability to train with a lot of weights and can recover from minor changes in their body weight. Therefore, don't get influenced by the way they perform their daily workout and eating habits. If any individual without proper training and experience, starts lifting heavier weights and gorging on food can break their delicate muscle and make them gain more weight.

2: Trying Workouts Mentioned in certain Magazines

Keep in mind that the workouts mentioned in most 'muscle mags' are totally nonsense. As the writers, of these magazines have no prior training in workout so, most of the techniques written by them are fabricated. Hence, never get influenced by the tips and methods mentioned in these magazines rather take advise from proper professionals.

3: Training Advice by Local Gym Guru

If the trainer goes on giving the same advise to everyone, it would be better you move on to some other qualified trainer who is properly qualified and has the required experience in the field. Rather than wasting your time figuring out why your training program doesn't reveal the desired result it's better to try somewhere else.

4: Only Lifting Weights

If your workout schedule only focuses on lifting muscles and training your mirror muscles then there can be two main reasons behind it:

• you are only bothered about developing one body part then, you might hinder the overall growth of your body.

• only concerned about front of your body.

5: Improper Training Reps

if you are only training with low reps or high reps then chances are that you might experience the following circumstances as well:

• you 're lifting more weight then you body is tuned to take.

• continuing lifting heavy weights until you 'feel a burn' and feel that you have done a hard training.

So, if you want to look fit and good then, it would be better if you avoid the above mentioned mistakes.