Fencing is a sport that involves two skilled contestants who use foils to strike at each other’s body. The clubs and teams at college level playing fencing require a coach to teach players the virtues of fencing. Before you start coaching athletes, it is essential for you to understand the sound techniques and history of the game. Here are some tips that will definitely make you a better coach:


  •   Consult some fencing coaches by coaching clinics. These clinics have equipment vendors and seminars on fencing technique that will allow you to share information about the game with other professionals. 
  •   Score every practice duel by using a buzz box. These boxes record number of body hits on each fencing participant and hence helps in assessing the fighter’s skills. This raw data will help in making new practice techniques later.
  •   Focus more on every player’s attention on their defensive part during the practice session that will ensure success in competition. Tell players to stay on the balls of their feet and pose their foil to protect body and head. Repeated practice of this position will generate some good points for you during match.
  •  You can also use a dummy equipped with buzz box in order to demonstrate dueling techniques. Being an experience fighter and outstanding coach, you should know how to parry and thrust to avoid physical harm.
  •   Do not tell the team about the team captain. A team captain is an experienced fighter who has intimate knowledge of the game. Talk with your team captain to increase the morale of the team.
  •    Find out different methods to maintain foils when the season start in order to keep your team availed with best equipment. Replacing the sockets and guards regularly ensures the safety of each player.

Following these tips will surely make you become an expert coach and in building a successful team.