Have you been for training for a while! Then, you must be aware of the basic relationship between getting stronger and getting bigger. Just have a look at weightlifters, powerlifters, and other strongmen to figure out this phenomenon. So, the obvious conclusion that you can make out from these examples is that, if you want to look more muscular then you need to get strong. If your typical muscle building program doesn't give you the desired result then its high time you switch to a more strength-oriented training plan. Here are some of the basic steps that can make you more stronger:

• Lower reps
  This step mainly involves taking heavy loads, as it increases strength quickly. Remember to stay below 6 reps i.e three reps in the pure strength and next three reps to increase the strength of your muscles.

• High sets
If you want to make up for the lower volume of your low rep sets,then try and increase the number of high sets. A normal high sets consist of 5-12 sets. However, this number mainly depend on the number of reps you're currently doing, your main goals, and your total work capacity.

• Long rest intervals
Unlike bodybuilding, try and avoid getting tired during your pure strength training program. As we want full recovery while performing these sets. The interval time between the program will depend mainly on the exercise you're performing. However, anywhere between 3-6 minutes is considered to be an ideal time.

• High frequency
We all that the more effort you put in these training program the better result it would show. A training period of 6 days per week, 2 or 3 sessions per day is considered to be ideal especially for professional athletes. Though, this training schedule may not suite every individual, it does gives us a fair idea as to how to gain strength quickly.

Just follow these basic guidelines to get strong. So, hard work combined with proper workout programs will help you get rapid strength and muscle growth.