We all know that, hard work and continuous practice are the key towards success. So, if you want to prepare a good plan for practice of basketball be sure to spend more time on it. Only a well prepared plan will return good results. Hence, every basketball coach who want to improve their team must have a good practice sessions followed with good concepts. The very first step is to figure out the areas that need to be improved. So, note down all the things where you need to improve your team. Once you have the list look at any game of the areas that help in solving these problems. Try and prioritize the areas as per their importance and deal with them accordingly. This step would help you in preparing the practice plan better. Based on the plan devote time and effort on them. To improve the weaker areas of your team it's essential that you spend more time with them. Right from the offense and defense line find out each and every zone that needs attention.

Once, you have discovered all the weakness of your team; the next step should focus on the selection of the right exercises to solve these problems. Whenever, you apply certain regimen for your team it's important that you emphasize on the fundamentals of the game as well as how it relate to the drill of the game. Another alternative to this plan is to implement difficult and easier day. This step would makes the player more alert and focused as the practice progresses. Always start your exercise schedule with simple steps which players enjoy doing.

The other fact that can help your practice is simple format. Make sure that your exercises plan last for only 5-10 minutes and has full participation by the players. Now, following these simple steps will help you and your team to work harder and have a great practice.