One of the nightmares that surround many bowlers is said to be bowling pins. The main aim of every bowling game is to take down all the bowling pin as quickly as possible. Therefore most bowlers don't spend much time in learning the game correctly. Here are some of the interesting facts about various bowling pin.

Bowling Pins are the essential part for any bowling game. You'll come across bowling pin of various types. The bowling pin was originally used in the game of tenpins. The game was played on an area of 4.75 inches wide and 15 inches tall. The game looked more like armless, legless people, with a "body" and a smaller "head." The neck of these pins were mainly colored in red. The pins used in the game of tenpin weighed around 3 pounds and six ounces. But after the rule passed by the American Bowling Congress in the year 1998, it became mandatory that the pins shouldn't weigh more than 3 pounds and 10 ounces.

Another popular game where bowling pin was used is the duckpin bowling. The pins used in the game resembled the tenpin pins. However, the pins were much shorter than the pins used in tenpin bowling game. The rules applied for pins used in the game of duckpin includes 9 13/32 inches tall, with a maximum diameter of 4 1/8 inches, and a minimum diameter of 1 3/8 inches at the base. In most of the eastern coast of the United States such as the state of Virginia the Duckpin bowling is one of the most popular sport.

Another interesting variety of bowling pins is the pins used in the Candlepin bowling. The game is mainly popular in the region of New England. Being one of the unique game the pins applied doesn't resemble any other popular bowling game. The Candlepin bowling pin is the tallest pin than all the other bowling pins. With the length of about 15-3/4 inches and height of only 2-15/16 inches the pins weighs between the range of 2 lb - 8 ounce

Another interesting fact about these bowling pins is that they mainly made from hard rock maple wood. Generally, the pins are turned on a lathe shape and glued together to give it its individual shape. Then, these bowling pin are coated with a plastic material and finally painted to give a shiny finish.