Twenty20 cricket is the latest innovation in the game. England set the trend for the new game format, aiming to bring the action-packed intensity that timed sports such as football provide.

Twenty20 is an immensely successful attempt to make the sport attractive for both spectators and TV viewers alike. The format involves each team bating for one innings of twenty overs. Unlike traditional cricket, Twenty20 matches are much shorter in duration, which translates into more drama and action packed entertainment.

Another advantage of the sport is that it offers a platform for local/regional talents in India. The new format has infused fresh life into cricket and brought more international popularity to the sport.

The greatest achievement of Twenty20 cricket has that it has significantly increased the size of cricket audience, attracting people who did not have the time or patience to watch test cricket and even one day cricket.

Most observers who feel that Twenty20 is a great progress in the field of cricket and is bound to prove more popular than five day test format.

The only ones complaining are cricket purists who continue to stand by test cricket. One is forced to agree to one of their primary argument in favor of Test cricket that the shortcomings in players batting or bowling technique are not exposed inTwenty20 cricket. Besides, Twenty20 has done away with the requirement for correct playing technique.

While Twenty20 matches have managed to create a buzz in the cricket world,it is yet too soon to pronounce the verdict on test or one day formats as fans in the entire cricket playing nations all over the globe will continue to demand the longer and more established versions of the sport.

Either ways, no cricket fan can be completely immune to the charms of Twenty20!