Many of us got hooked to professional wrestling, when we were kids. The 90s wrestlers captivated our imagination with their jaw-dropping moves, matchless style and unique personas, necessitating the warning-”Please do not try this at home”.We were floored by their brashness, their arrogance, and all the drama they create. Our love for these larger-than-life figures and their dollops of attitude even saw us through the painful discovery that wrestling is fake.

This is a tribute to those brave men who put themselves at risk, doing the craziest moves for the excitement of viewers. Here are a few of those modern day heroes who entertained us as for hours:

Bret Hart: The brilliance and charisma of the great Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, had us all glued to the TV screens. His strategic moves were etched down in wrestling history. Bret was trained by his father, Stu in what's called the Hart Family Dungeon. This training endowed him with a repertoire of vastly different moves that paved the way for him to become the World Wrestling Federation champion. His signature move 'The Sharpshooter' look really endeared him to fans of wrestling.

Shawn Michaels: Men and women alike cheer madly for 'The Heartbreak Kid' who is known for his death defying moves and his boyish good looks. Probably the best in ring performer the wrestling industry has ever seen, Shawn Michael's bold, sometimes bordering on the reckless stunts really pushed the boundaries of risk wrestlers were willing to undertake. He set the tone for Jeff Hardy, who also loved taking risks.

Mick Foley: Mick Foley redefined the limit of physical toughness which ensured him a permanent place as wrestling legend. From being whacked by barbed wire winded bats to being slammed through wooden tables- he withstood all kinds of extreme abuses to his body. His immense strength and zeal to challenge himself made him a great favorite with kids and adults into wrestling.

While there are many other professional wrestlers who deserve to be mentioned here, this list can not include all of them.