Usually, people who say that they enjoy squats are termed either as masochists or as true liars. Squatting comes naturally to any person who is asked to lift a heavy object with an arched spine. Though, squatting can be treated as an exercise but it’s not an efficient one. Even the “World's strongest Man” late Mr. Paul Anderson used to hate every single squat that he was compelled to perform. Every individual is aware of the fact that squats are painful and tiring. Therefore, it’s hard to believe a person who claims to like doing squatting.

Squatting is one of the important exercises for strength training. People who are genetically suited (mesomorph/endomorph) would enjoy knee bend work out with a barbell. But, in reality majority of individuals who joins such muscle-training programs, are those who are skinny. As people who are well built or bulky rarely join such programs and even if they do, they seldom stick to it. Most health trainers suggest that every exercise schedule must start with squat or any other form of knee bend activity. You must have across individuals who claim squatting to be the reason behind their hip/knee joint injuries. Therefore, every individual must try to avoid heavy squats in their life.

To avoid any injuries while squatting you must apply wraps. Squatting proves quite beneficial especially for competing weightlifters. Wraps help them to lift more weights and protects them from serious injuries. People who are short can really benefit from squatting and be able to squat onto your backside. However, no one should overdo squatting as it can lead to putting stress on our spinal column and knee joints.

Hence, if you like squatting then try and do them in limited quantity.