Shooting low golf scores is a great challenge and few people ever learn how to break 80 never mind breaking 70. Mental game strategies can go a long way towards helping you shoot really low scores, particularly if you already have good swing mechanics and a solid short game. Too many golfers do not  plan mentally before playing and this costs them an unnecessary number of strokes each round. Here are some tips that will enable you to play better golf by improving your mental game:

1: Execute Proper Course Management

Most amateurs are very poor at managing a golf course and attempt to play the heroic shots which  commentators on television love to talk about. Also, some professionals on tour like to hit from very difficult situations. The best approach in course management is to have a conservative strategy but an aggressive swing. You need to know what you are capable of doing and play against yourself. Concentrate on hitting the high percentage shots only. Do not let what other people in your group arBiking is a fun sport for people of all ages. It is a great way to incorporate exercise into your life, while simultaneously having a great time. Family and friends can bike together, at parks, on bike trails, or almost any place that they choose. It is the perfect sport for anyone, regardless of age. All they have to do is go at their own pace, because any speed is beneficial. As long as biking gets the body moving and the blood pumping, it is providing a great health boost.

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So, if you want to receive a great aerobic workout and have fun simultaneously, then try bike riding and you can't go wrong.on that day.

2: Develop a Solid Pre Shot Routine

Having a good pre shot routine will help you to be a more consistent player since it will make you physically and mentally prepared for every shot. There are 2 aspects to the routine- the mental and the physical. While, the mental routine is more important, a consistent physical routine can aid and support the mental routine also. Try to be flexible in your physical routine and allow yourself to take extra practice swings sometimes, if necessary. The key aspect of the mental routine is how you think before you strike the ball.

It is important to clear your mind and focus only on the target when you swing the club. You need to  be confident that you have trained your swing enough on the range, to be able to hit the ball well on the course. If you constantly think about swing mechanics, then this will affect your ability to play well especially under pressure. Do not worry if you find your heart racing and even your hand shaking a little during a competition as this is normal. You should even try to enjoy it, as it is simply a surge of adrenalin going through your system. Just look and react to your targets, this will allow you to hit the best shots in a particular situation.

Tip 3: Think Positive

You know you should avoid doing this but most people have a bad habit of dwelling on their bad shots. This can really suck the enjoyment out of the game so relax and even laugh a little when you find yourself hitting some bad shots. Remember that golf is a game of mistakes and then recovering from those mistakes as fast as possible.